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Books about Native American jewelry and art come in all shapes and sizes. Each has a different focus and each slices the "art pie" in a different way. I've read Joe Dan Lowry's book on Turquoise which focuses on just one of the materials used in Native American jewelry. It matters not what you think you are aware about Fashion Buzzer Jewellery and in many cases on Fashion Jewellery stores, see these outstanding webpages and be entertained with really necessary facts.I've enjoyed Generations, the book on the Native American art and jewelry collection of Helen Cox Kersting. This book focuses on the life and collection of one woman. And then there was fashion jewellery stores india Charnell Havens' and Vera Marie Badertscher's book on Quincy Tahoma's art which focuses on the life and the works of just one artist.

When Paula Baxter's and Barry Katzen's book, Southwestern Indian Rings, came out, it was not a surprise to me that Paula decided to focus exclusively on rings crafted by the Native Americans of the Southwest. After all, I had encountered the author and photographer in their travels for over a year photographing rings and talking with the artists. It's a great way to illustrate the art and history of the Native Fashion Jewellery stores people of the Southwest - ring by ring.

From Craft to Art

As Paula walks us through the history of Native American jewelry, we learn how the craft evolved into art and how. To get a grip on revealing hints about Online Fashion Jewellery India as well as on Cheap Fashion Jewellery, see these terrific blogs.a once basic craft was influenced by traders and souvenir sellers . During the evolution of the rings, curio seekers traveled through the Southwest US and loved picking up Indian souvenirs. I was fascinated by one photograph which showed a silver ring stamped "Made by Indians." My, how things have changed!

Barry Katzen provided 350 stunning color photographs in support of Paula Baxter's exploration of the history, culture and art of Indian Rings. These rings, many of which are from private collections, would never have been available to see if it had not been for this book. The first thing I did, and many others told me they did, was to thumb through the book looking at the photos and mentally checking off the artists and ring styles we had seen throughout our travels and collecting in Arizona and New Mexico.

Critical Authenticity

As Paula writes she makes many valuable points. One is that of the importance of authenticity. As the market for Indian jewelry grew, so did the availability of copy-cat jewelry, often made overseas. An unenlightened tourist may see a $15 "Indian-style" ring as a bargain and snap it up. Paula points out how detrimental that is to the Native artisans who depend Indian Jewellery on the sale of their jewelry to feed, clothe and shelter their families. And, I have to agree that the owner of that $15 ring will completely miss out on owning a piece infused with Native culture, style and craftsmanship.

Design and Materials

I particularly learned from Paula's explanation of how the rings are made. In one chapter she features the work of Navajo master silversmith Orville Tsinnie. Not all rings are made the same. Some are cast, some are worked from silver strips and yet others, like Hopi rings, are made using an overlay process. The photos help educate the collector as well as the casual Indian market shopper.

Master Innovators

Paula finishes the book by wowing us with the efforts of some of the most skilled contemporary innovators. I enjoyed seeing such cutting edge work as that of Colin Coonsis, Zuni, who does marvelous inlay work in ever-intriguing new ways. He learned as a child at the workbench of his mother Rolanda Haloo, who is well-known for her skill in doing traditional inlay work.


Southwestern Indian Rings by Paula Baxter is a great coffee table book for the Native American Jewelry Collector. No... it's a well-researched reference for the Native American Jewelry expert. No... it's a great souvenir of your travels to the Southwest.

Suffice to say, it's a well-researched, professionally-cited, attractive book that slices the "Native American Jewelry Pie" just right!

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Excellent Handmade Jewelry - How To Find It The Easy Way

posted on 04 Jun 2015 01:00 by smellyfeud6836
The popularity of handmade jewelry is not to be debated because there has been a thriving market for it for a long time. The most confusing thing about this market is that there are so many choices to choose from. If you like this kind of jewelry and have never really thought about it, there are many different kinds available. But that is terrific. It doesn't matter the amount you think you are informed about fashion jewellery and also on jewellery online, visit these superb pages and be thrilled with really revealing details.news for you because you have more choices than you perhaps thought. Yes, I know you do not have a hard time with finding jewelry, but what you will find in this article are a few solid ideas on where you can find more handmade jewelry.

One of the most obvious ways to find handmade jewelry is to Google it. To learn revealing tips about artificial jewellery as well as on check here, read these fantastic webpages.Of course, there are other search engines that you might want to try.

You could also use Bing.com, the second major search engine and then there is Yahoo.com (which is actually a directory and not truly a search engine). Of course there are others, but just one of those will keep you busy for just about forever. The primary drawback to shopping online for handmade online jewellery shopping india jewelry is that you won't be able to actually touch it. Being able to see it and touch it so you can really get a good idea bout it is really important.

Perhaps the biggest and most widely known site for buying and selling homemade things is Etsy.com. Obviously you can find plenty of jewelry that has been handmade by regular people. One thing that helps Etsy seem so attractive is the length of time that it has been operational. There is a bigger trust factor here. Don't ever forget, though, that you're still buying from another person.

This just means that you have to work really hard at your due diligence, no matter from where or from whom you are buying. You already know that it is possible to have an unpleasant experience in your local stores. Still, Etsy has become incredibly popular and so many people have found great bargains there over the years.

If you're on the hunt for handmade jewelry that is both beautiful and unique the best thing for you to do is stay out of the commercial stores and the chain retail stores. To start, these stores don't often actually sell handmade jewelry in the first place. Although I have seen some in some of the smaller jewelry stores that are regional but not nationally known.

The reason some of these outlets get involved with the handmade variety is they know there is a market for it. If you happen across a smaller store that is family owned, you should definitely stop in. You might also be able to find something promising by looking through your local yellow pages. This will definitely increase your chances of finding handmade jewelry sellers.

Shopping and searching for handmade jewelry pieces ought to be a fun experience, not a stressful experience.

You should still try to be patient and to wait until you figure out just what you want. You can also find places that specialize in particular types of this jewelry. This is something that you need to remember when you're shopping, whether you're shopping on the Internet or in your area.